Steri-Flor® UV

Steri-Flor UV is a multi-functional epoxy floor coating with increased UV stability compared to conventional epoxies. It provides good resistance to common chemicals and daily traffic and may be used as a base/color coat, receiving coat, or grout coat for decorative broadcast floors.

Technical Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet [Comp A] | Safety Data Sheet [Comp B]



  • Contributes toward satisfying credit for low emitting material under LEED 4.1
  • Meets SCAQMD Rule 1113 for VOC content
  • Low viscosity – good wetting properties, approximately 500 cps mixed.
  • Low VOCs
  • Low installation odor, for use in occupied areas.
  • Stain resistance with excellent cleanability
  • USDA compliant



  • Gloss


  • Though Steri-Flor UV may be used without a primer, the use of Steri-Prime under Steri-Flor UV is strongly recommended to mitigate outgassing and promote higher adhesion.
  • On properly cleaned and prepared, hydrocarbon saturated substrates use of Steri-Prime DTO.
  • Contact your representative for other recommendations or more information.

Dry Film Thickness:

  • 10 – 20 mils (254 – 508 microns) DFT

Typical Uses:

  • Food processing floors
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Aisleways
  • Warehouses

Solids Content:

  • By Volume: 100%

Theoretical Coverage Rate:

  • 1604 ft²/gal at 1.0 mils (39.4 m²/l at 25 microns)
  • 160 ft²/gal at 10.0 mils (3.9 m²/l at 250 microns)
  • 80 ft²/gal at 20.0 mils (2.0 m²/l at 500 microns)
  • Allow for loss in mixing and application.

VOC Values:

  • As Supplied : 0 g/L


  • For interior use only

Chemical Resistance Tables:

  • Dilute inorganic acids
  • Dilute alkali solutions
  • Cleaning & sanitizing solutions
  • Mineral oils
  • Salt solutions


  • Optional topcoats available depending on exposure, increased UV stability, and durability
  • Contact your representative for more recommendations.