Dudick Inc. was founded in 1970 by Tom Dudick, a young chemist, intent on distinguishing himself by offering better products and superior customer support.

From its founding, the core of the Dudick product line has been based upon the latest technologies. For example, Dudick incorporated the new vinyl ester resins and not the older polyester resin technology that was used.

Being new, with a young staff, the start-up company quickly succeeded, by offering the latest technology, as well as the most cost-effective products. In many installations, Dudick products out-performed those offered by more established older firms. From late 1970 onward, Dudick was FDA compliant with its vinyl ester technology, and it was not until the 1990’s that some competitors finally developed FDA-compliant linings. By that time, Dudick products and service were well-established.

Dudick Inc.’s core values embrace the importance of treating customers and employees the way they want to be treated.  At Dudick, providing great customer service is easy, because we have great people doing great things.  As evidenced by our employee retention, our staff is experienced and passionate about what they do:

  • 50% of our employees have 10 years with Dudick
  • 25% of our employees have 20 years with Dudick
  • 16% of our employees have 25 years with Dudick

The formula is easy, treat customers and employees the way they want to be treated!

From the largest semi-conductor firm to the top US cities (municipal water plants) and Federal Government agencies; Dudick, multiple times, has been brought in to resolve others problems and/or take over critical and major projects. If reliability and proven performance are needed then Dudick has the answer. No bragging or pompous claims.

Today Dudick is multi-national with licensee manufacturing sites in Taiwan, Korea, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Chile. Products and services have been sold in over 20 countries frequently with our U.S.-based tech service staff being deployed to aid the “locals” with the installation. Today an experienced staff and a second generation are honing their skills to take us onward.