Heavy duty hybrid epoxy industrial flooring products and systems.

Steri-Flor® GP
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Steri-Flor GP is a self-leveling epoxy applied to achieve a strongly bonded monolithic topping with moderate chemical resistance and good physical and mechanical properties.

Steri-Flor® T
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Trowel down hybrid epoxy, heavy duty industrial floor system 1/8 – 1/4″ (4.8mm).

Steri-Flor® UV
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Steri-Flor UV is a multi-functional epoxy floor coating with increased UV stability compared to conventional epoxies. It provides good resistance to common chemicals and daily traffic and may be used as a base/color coat, receiving coat, or grout coat for decorative broadcast floors.

Steri-Cove Gel
An epoxy system designed for installation as integral cove base at 1/16” to ¼” thick.
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SDS Sheets:
Steri-Cove Gel COMP A
Steri-Cove Gel COMP B