Technical Data Sheets

Locate and download technical data sheets for all Dudick products.

Polymer Alloy Series

Multifunctional, semi-self-leveling epoxy floor toppings.

Polymer Alloy 2000
Polymer Alloy 2000C
Polymer Alloy 2000LE
Polymer Alloy 2000SD
Polymer Alloy 2000SF

Polymer Concrete Series

Trowel applied, three-component Polymer Concrete, is designed for resistance to dilute acids, alkali, solvents and other corrosive chemicals.

Polymer Concrete 100
Polymer Concrete 100XT
Polymer Concrete 800
Polymer Concrete 900

Polymer Steel Series

Steel repair systems for eroded, corroded, and damaged or worn metallic surfaces. Rebuild Grade, Machine Grade, Surface Grade, Emergency Grade.

Polymer Steel EG
Polymer Steel MG
Polymer Steel RG
Polymer Steel SG
Polymer Carbide
Polymer Quartz

Protecto-Coat Series

High-build, glass-flake coatings for fast economical application by brush, roller or spray. Corrosion protection can range from mild atmospheric exposures to immersion, depending on resin base and finished DFT.

Protecto-Coat 100XT
Protecto-Coat 1130
Protecto-Coat 300
Protecto-Coat 306DTR
Protecto-Coat 325
Protecto-Coat 330
Protecto-Coat 800
Protecto-Coat 800HT
Protecto-Coat 805
Protecto-Coat 900
Protecto-Coat 900HT
Protecto-Coat 900HT-PLUS
Protecto-Coat 905
Protecto-Coat EPG
Protecto-Coat PS

Protecto-Crete Series

Unreinforced floor toppings several times stronger than concrete and resistant to dilute chemical spills.

Protecto-Crete 140T
Protecto-Crete 140TSF
Protecto-Crete 800
Protecto-Crete 800SF
Protecto-Crete 900
Protecto-Crete 900SF
Protecto-Crete 350 SD

Protecto-Flake Series

Heavily glass-flake filled, trowel applied tank linings suitable for continuous immersion in high concentrations at high temperature.

Protecto-Flake 800
Protecto-Flake 900

Protecto-Flex Series

Fiberglass reinforced systems that provide flexibility and tensile strength to absorb the stress of crack movement up to 100 mils guaranteed.

Protecto-Flex 100 XT
Protecto-Flex 310
Protecto-Flex 800
Protecto-Flex 800 SF
Protecto-Flex 805
Protecto-Flex 900
Protecto-Flex 905

Protecto-Glass Series

Glass mat reinforced systems designed to achieve excellent corrosion resistance to a broad range of chemical elements including oxidizing agents and hot alkalis.

Protecto-Glass 1130
Protecto-Glass 160XT
Protecto-Glass 860
Protecto-Glass 865
Protecto-Glass 960
Protecto-Glass 965

Protecto-Line Series

Trowel applied, reinforced, monolithic vessel lining or floor topping systems offering FDA approval. Provides chemical resistance ranging from mild ambient to hot spills of strong acids.

Protecto-Line 100XT
Protecto-Line 100XT AR
Protecto-Line 800
Protecto-Line 800AR
Protecto-Line 805
Protecto-Line 900
Protecto-Line 900AR
Protecto-Line 905

Shock-Crete Series

Urethane cements specifically designed for extreme temperatures of -350F- +400F, damp environments, FDA & USDA compliant workplaces. 1/8”-1/4” DFT.

Shock-Crete 500 Topcoat
Shock-Crete HD
Shock-Crete SL/SF Series
Shock-Crete MD
Shock-Crete MD/SF 

Steri-Coat Series

Steri-Coat P-Thin film Novolac epoxy wall coating, 12-16 mils DFT.  Steri-Coat 200-Two component, water borne alipathic urethane ceiling and wall coating.

Steri-Coat P
Steri-Coat 200

Steri-Crete Series

Urethane cements specifically designed for extreme temperatures of -350F- +400F, damp environments, FDA & USDA compliant workplaces. 1/8”-1/4” DFT.

Steri-Crete SL

Steri-Flake Series

Decorative acrylic flake-filled flooring system. 1/16”-1/8” DFT.

Steri-Flake 470
Steri-Flake GP

Steri-Flex Series

A flexible, crack-bridging epoxy lining consisting of a 1/16” trowel applied basecoat, one layer of saturated fiberglass mat reinforcement, 15-30 mils of chemical resistant epoxy topcoat.


Steri-Flor Series

Heavy duty hybrid epoxy industrial flooring system 1/8”-1/4” DFT.

Steri-Flor GP
Steri-Flor Q
Steri-Flor T
Steri-Flor T-SL/SF

Steri-Glass Series

Reinforced novolac epoxy wall coating. 25-35mils DFT.


Steri-Quartz Series

Decorative colored quartz epoxy flooring systems. 1/16”-1/4” DFT.

Steri-Quartz GP
Steri-Quartz T

Steri-Seal Series

High build epoxy floor & walls coatings specifically design for high end laboratories. 10-30mil DFT.

Steri-Seal HB
Steri-Seal HC
Steri-Seal LE

Steri-Soft Series

Thick Urethane flooring system, decorative, ultraviolet resistant,  1/8”-3/16” DFT.

Steri-Soft Flake


A wide variety of concrete repair materials.

Grout 100
Grout 800
Grout 900
Grout RE


Aliphatic polyurethane coatings, UV resistant, 4-6 mils DFT.

Sealer 30 SD
Sealer 35
Sealer 67
Sealer 70
Sealer 200SD
Sealer 200WB


A versatile line of complimentary products that include Primers, Caulking, steel repair compounds.

Block Filler
Caulk 100XT
Caulk 149
Caulk PSC
Membrane 310
Membrane 510/510R
Primer 27

Primer 67
Primer 67 DP
Primer 67DP LV
Primer 67 DTO
Primer 67C
Primer 67LV
Primer 70
Primer 200WB
Scratch-Coat 300
Scratch-Coat 800
Scratch-Coat Block Filler 300
Steri-Cove Gel