Why Dudick

It’s actually quite simple…our company Dudick Inc. is synonymous with the highest quality and service. Competitors will say they are less costly but never equal to or better.

Our core staff is not sales based employees but rather technical — including chemists. Our president, Tom Dudick, a chemist founded our firm in 1970 and based his early sales efforts on teaching/informing the customers on how linings and coatings work. We took the mystery out of the products. Today our staff has the highest concentration of experience and retention of any chemical resistant coating supplier.

  • 50% of our staff has 10 years with Dudick
  • 25% of our staff has 20 years with Dudick
  • 16% of our staff has 25 years with Dudick

While Dudick’s core staff has decades of knowledge and experience in the industry, we also have a strong ambitious younger generation  of employee’s who are focused on keeping Dudick ahead of the curve in product development and the latest industry requirements such as environmental product declaration. Dudick was once, solely, a heavy duty industrial CRC manufacturer but we had the vision to see a change in the industry. Dudick decided to add “architectural” or life science & technology to our portfolio years before the competition recognized the change. This vision is why Dudick dominates the high end life science market today. This combination of knowledge, experience and growth is what will keep the next generation at Dudick one step ahead of the competition. What we have done in the past we will do better in the future!

Further, a question we ask our customers is “how are you going to get these products installed?” Not only do we offer great products but our field technical staff can travel to your jobsite to instruct the “local/regional” contractor in proper installation techniques. From Singapore to Chile, the Middle East to the US West Coast, our field technicians are there to help get the job done right the first time.

At Dudick we sell solutions not just product. Our job isn’t finished until our products are properly installed and performing to the owner’s expectations. We don’t proclaim to be the biggest or the oldest…just the most reliable and responsive.