Sealer 80

An isocyanate free, ultra-durable, fast-cure coating that provides outstanding color and gloss retention when used on exterior exposures. It combines the chemical resistant properties of epoxies with the weathering characteristics of acrylic-polyurethanes giving it a tightly cross-linked film resulting in a finish with outstanding barrier properties against Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide. This product meets the most stringent VOC regulations for field applied coatings of less than 100 g/L volatile organic content.

Technical Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet [Comp A] | Safety Data Sheet [Comp B]


  • Isocyanate free
  • Fast cure
  • Excellent durability
  • Low Dirt Pickup
  • Meets IEEE ANSI C57.12.29-2005 Standard For Pad Mounted Equipment


  • Available colors can be found on the Dudick Architectural Color Chart as well as In Carboline’s 1864 (White), 5555 (Safety Red), 6666 (Safety Yellow), C703 (Grey), C705 (Light Grey), and C900 (Black). Other colors are available on request. Contact your Dudick Representative for availability.


  • Gloss


  • Steri-Prime, Primer 67LV, Steri-Prime DTO, and others as recommended by your Dudick representative.

Dry Film Thickness:

  • 3 – 7 mils (76 – 178 microns) per coat

Solids Content:

  • By Volume 75% +/- 2%

Surface Burning Characteristics:

  • Flame Spread Index: 0
  • Smoke Developed Index: 10

Theoretical Coverage Rate:

  • 1203 ft²/gal at 1.0 mils (29.5 m²/l at 25 microns)
  • 401 ft²/gal at 3.0 mils (9.8 m²/l at 75 microns)
  • 172 ft²/gal at 7.0 mils (4.2 m²/l at 175 microns)
  • Allow for loss in mixing and application.

VOC Values:

  • As Supplied : 1.8 lbs/gal (216 g/L) mixed
  • Thinner 10 : 13 oz/gal: 2.29 lbs/gal (275 g/L)
  • These are nominal values and may vary slightly with color.

Dry Temp. Resistance:

  • Continuous: 302°F (150°C)
  • Non-Continuous: 338°F (170°C)
  • Some discoloration and loss of gloss may be experienced at elevated temperatures.