Scratch Coat 300

An epoxy-based material for filling surface defects and bugholes in concrete substrates. Scratch-Coat 300 uses an epoxy resin and a unique, inert mineral filler to achieve a smooth, nonslumping fill material. The system is formulated to improve the integrity and continuity of a prepared substrate prior to the application of a coating or lining system.

Technical Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet [Comp A] | Safety Data Sheet [Comp B]


  • Contributes toward satisfying credit for low emitting material under LEED 4.1
  • Meets California Department of Public Health CDPH/EHLB Standard Method Version 1.2 2017 – Compliance Certificates Available Upon Request
  • Meets CDPH standard method version 1.2 test for low cured VOCs
  • Meets SCAQMD Rule 1113 for VOC content
  • Vertical and Overhead Applications
  • Low Odor
  • Meets all VOC Requirements


  • Gray

Dry Film Thickness:

  • 5 – 125 mils (127 – 3175 microns) DFT


Solids Content:

  • By Volume 100%

VOC Values:

  • 15 g/L


  • Topcoat selection will depend on exposure