Labs, Science & Technology

The world leader in high performance resinous flooring and special coatings for science and research facilities, Dudick, Inc. is dedicated to combine innovative products and bring installation expertise to the bio-containment, chemical, and bio-research facilities for human and animal health.

From the small research lab at a local university to the BSL-3 & ABSL3, BSL-4 laboratories for CDC, NIH, USDA, and Homeland Security, Dudick, Inc. has the experience and expertise to provide solutions for your facility’s high performance coating needs.

Dudick Inc. has the unique ability to work with you to renovate your laboratory containment coatings to achieve a higher BSL classification. Dudick has the experience and expertise to offer solutions to remove existing coatings, rebuild the substrates, and offer resinous flooring and coating specifications for use in your BSL environment.

Dudick Inc. can provide protective and containment coatings for every area across your entire lab facility including vivariums, cage wash, necropsy areas, waste treatment, and liquid nitrogen resistant flooring.

Product Descriptions

“The Dudick Difference” What separates Dudick, Inc. from other suppliers? Why is the service from Dudick superior to that of other manufacturers? How do you get your job done? It’s our highly-trained field technicians! Dudick technicians are former applicators with extensive front-line experience working with our products. They bring their expertise to every job we do, making sure your project is completed to perform at the highest level.