Environmental Responsibility

Dudick, Inc. was founded in 1970 and is a privately held corporation that takes social responsibility seriously.

While it makes good business sense to sell products that are “green,” we have always held that operating our manufacturing facility in a green fashion is also important. Our management and employees all live within a city or two of our operation.

We built our plant and offices more than 30 years ago. We planned the facility to have a minimum environmental impact and with the safest working conditions for our employees. This planning served us well over the years and allowed for two major building expansions using earlier design criteria.

At Dudick, Inc. we have accomplished these “green” initiatives:

  • Dudick has offered “zero” VOC coatings for over 40 years! Today our Steri product line for Architectural use is 99% “zero” VOC products.
  • Whenever possible recycled and rapidly renewable ingredients are incorporated in our systems not only in Architectural product lines but also our high performance Industrial product lines.
  • Currently we are retrofitting our entire facility with all new energy efficient light fixtures, 12 new HVAC units and all new heat reflective membrane roofs. Many of these will qualify for tax credits and energy use credits.
  • Our empty drums are sent to drum recyclers and the processes are audited by Dudick.
  • All paper and cardboard is recycled from both office & manufacturing.
  • All empty pails and cans are recycled and the recycling company providing this service, is audited by Dudick.
  • Employees are encouraged to bring empty aluminum cans to work for recycling. The recycler donates the profits to a children’s hospital.

We believe there is more to being “green” than marketing and selling products. Social responsibility starts with the operation of the offices and plants and then extends outward.