Listeria Inherently Resistant Flooring

October 14, 2015

Dudick Inc. offers its Shock-Crete flooring systems for control of the Listeria Bacteria found in food plants. One of the biggest issues facing the Food (Poultry, Meats, Dairy) and Beverage Industries is preventing and killing the Listeria bacteria. Many coating suppliers offer additives to their coatings in the hope of slowing or preventing the propagation of Listeria. Frequently these “additives” are only on the surface finish of the coating and, when worn off, it exposes non-resistant surfaces. Dudick Shock-Crete does not require any anti-microbial additives as the system is inherently resistant to the Listeria bacteria, therefore, if the surface is scratched or gouged the underlining coating has the same resistance as the surface. As long as the flooring is in place the resistance stays the same for the life of the system.

When independently tested the Dudick Shock-Crete series of heavy duty to light duty floors demonstrates 99%+ effectiveness in preventing Listeria growth.

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