Dudick Inc. introduces Vapor-Stop; its newest moisture control system for concrete substrates.

February 5, 2014

Dudick’s new Vapor-Stop polyurethane moisture control system is unique in that the liquid applied coating actually uses some of the excess water from the concrete to cure itself.

Epoxies that are moisture tolerant do little if anything to absorb or displace the water vapor in the concrete. Vapor-Stop urethane incorporates fast setting non-breathable urethane cement that utilizes some of the  substrate’s excess moisture to hydrate/cure the coating. Because of this, Vapor-Stop becomes an integral part of the concrete slab where epoxy waterproofers “float” over the moisture. Vapor-Stop accepts all Dudick flooring systems (epoxy, vinyl ester, urethane) as overlays and provides seamless adhesion and therefore one warranty for all aspects of the project.