Steri-Flake 470 New Extremely Low Odor Alternative to MMA Flooring

May 5, 2017

Steri-Flake 470 is a Hybrid Ester Polymer that offers the first real alternative to high odor but fast curing MMA flooring.

Traditionally MMA applications require that buildings be unoccupied for a day due to MMA inherent high odor. Now Steri-Flake 470 eliminates the need to close a facility in order to install a floor. Further, the biggest attribute to MMA is its fast cure and is now available in Steri-Flake 470 with recoat windows in the 2 hour range and occupancy within 6 hours.

For more information on Steri-Flake 470 please click on the link or contact a Dudick representative @ 1-800-322-1970.

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