Sealer 50: New nano hybrid fluoropolymer sealer with ultra-high stain and wear resistance.

July 2, 2013

Sealer 50 is Dudick’s new stain and wear resistant nano fluoropolymer sealer. This new Dudick product greatly exceeds the typical urethane based sealers currently being used. Sealer 50 show’s excellent stain resistance to Betadine, Bleach Solutions, Skydrol, 50% Sodium Hydroxide & Hydrogen Peroxide. This stain resistance combined with ultra violet and wear resistance allows Sealer 50 to be installed in Hospitals, Operating Rooms, Clean Rooms, Airplane Hangars and Food & Beverage Facilities.

For more information on Sealer 50 please click on the link below or contact a Dudick representative at 800-322-1970.

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