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Polymer Concrete

Trowel applied, three-component Polymer Concrete, is designed for resistance to dilute acids, alkali, solvents and other corrosive chemicals. Product Description Polymer Concrete 100 Trowel applied, three component epoxy polymer concrete. Technical Data Sheet | Construction Details SDS Sheets: Polymer Concrete 100 COMP A Polymer Concrete 100 COMP B Polymer Concrete Aggregate Primer 67 COMP A Primer 67 […]


Fiberglass reinforced systems that provide flexibility and tensile strength to absorb the stress of crack movement up to 100 mils guaranteed. Product Descriptions Protecto-Flex 100 XT Trowel applied, glass reinforced, epoxy lining with novolac epoxy topcoat 100-110 MILS (2.2-2.4mm). Technical Data Sheet | Color Chart | Construction Details SDS Sheets: Protecto-Flex 100 XT Basecoat COMP A Protecto-Flex 100 XT […]

Polymer Steel

Steel repair systems for eroded, corroded, and damaged or worn metallic surfaces. Rebuild Grade, Machine Grade, Surface Grade, Emergency Grade. Product Description Polymer Steel EG 100% Solids, aluminum oxide-filled, fast setting epoxy putty, highbuild capabilities. Technical Data Sheet | Color Chart | Construction Details SDS Sheets: Polymer Steel EG Base Polymer Steel EG Hardener  Polymer Steel MG […]


Unreinforced floor toppings several times stronger than concrete and resistant to dilute chemical spills. Product Description Protecto-Crete 140T Trowel applied or seeded novolac epoxy topping and resurfacer. Technical Data Sheet | Color Chart | Construction Details SDS Sheets: Protecto-Crete 140 T COMP A Protecto-Crete 140 T COMP B Primer 67 COMP A Primer 67 COMP B Protecto-Crete 140TSF Trowel […]


High-build, glass-flake coatings for fast economical application by brush, roller or spray. Corrosion protection can range from mild atmospheric exposures to immersion, depending on resin base and finished DFT. Product Description Protecto-Coat 100XT Flake filled, high performance, 100% solids, Novolac epoxy coating, low odor, environmentally safe, 30-40 MILS (1 mm). Technical Data Sheet | Color Chart | Construction Details […]


Trowel applied, reinforced, monolithic vessel lining or floor topping systems offering FDA approval. Provides chemical resistance ranging from mild ambient to hot spills of strong acids. Product Description Protecto-Line 100XT Trowel-applied, 100% solids, reinforced novolac epoxy lining & floor topping 1/8” (3.17 mm). Technical Data Sheet | Color Chart | Construction Details SDS Sheets: Protecto-Line 100XT COMP A Protecto-Line […]


Heavily glass-flake filled, trowel applied tank linings suitable for continuous immersion in high concentrations at high temperature. Product Description Protecto-Flake 800 Glass flake filled, trowel applied, high molecular weight vinyl ester tank lining, 60-80 MILS (2mm). Technical Data Sheet | Color Chart | Construction Details SDS Sheets: Protecto-Flake 800 PH-1 Hardener Styrene Primer 27 Protecto-Flake 900 Glass flake filled, […]


Glass mat reinforced systems designed to achieve excellent corrosion resistance to a broad range of chemical elements including oxidizing agents and hot alkalis. Product Description Protecto-Glass 1130 Trowel applied, reinforced, high performance, multi-functional, 100% solids, epoxy lining 90 MILS (2.3 mm). Technical Data Sheet | Color Chart | Construction Details SDS Sheets: Protecto-Glass 1130 Basecoat COMP A Protecto-Glass 1130 […]

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