Hazardous Waste

May 18, 2012

With the responsibility of being a specialty coatings manufacturer Dudick Inc has taken a hard look at its impact on the environment. In the coatings industry there are many “hazardous” raw materials used in formulating specialty coatings. Dudick Inc’s hazardous constituents have never in our 42 years been landfilled but rather all have been incinerated at federally approved hazardous waste incinerators. This is another commitment by Dudick and its caretakers to protect the environment and the safety of our community. Over the past 10 years Dudick Inc has focused its efforts on creating 100% solid 0 VOC epoxy systems. We have focused our efforts on moving away from hazardous thinners known as “Solvents.” While becoming a leader in environmentally safe manufacturing we have drastically reducing the amount of hazardous waste we produce. Since 2007, Dudick has reduced its hazardous waste quantities by 65% while increasing sales growth by over 40%.

Written by David Dudick
Dudick Inc.