Cryogenic Resistant Flooring

August 10, 2015

Dudick Inc., a world leader in high performance flooring, offers its Shock-Crete HD flooring system for spills of liquid nitrogen – 350o F!  Dudick has the largest successful track record of handling these extreme temperature spills.  Further, Shock-Crete HD withstands intermittent hot spills up to 400o F for commercial kitchen fryer lines.  Whether it is cryogenic, steam or freezer flooring Dudick has done it!  That’s why research facilities such as CDC, NIH and Army Corps of Engineers and many institutional and food processing facilities use Shock-Crete by Dudick Inc.

Call Dudick Inc. at 800-322-1970 for literature and specific material specifications for Shock-Crete HD.  Where others have failed repeatedly Dudick Inc. performs.

Test mock-up for large research agency using liquid nitrogen!